A Memorial Post

Gino R. Narboni

A Memorial Post

The simple marker identifying Gino’s grave has been installed at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery. There are requirements for the inscription, so for Gino, his religious identification is the Star of David at the top, followed by his name, date of birth and death. He served in Vietnam which is noted. Abbreviations for the principle medals are as follows: BSM–Bronze Star Medal, MSM–Meritorious Service Medal, AM–Air Medal, AFCM–Air Force Commendation Medal.

And, finally, a personal tribute can be added: “Il a replié ses ailes.” “He has folded his wings.”

A few of his favorite things. . .

For the reception in our home following Gino’s funeral on July 29, 2016, we could think of no better way to remember him than to serve the foods he loved, accompanied by French champagne.  As a menu, it did not make much sense, but Gino wouldn’t have minded.  He would have been happy to taste the French fries, croissants, chocolates, French cheeses, middle eastern pastries and fresh figs from California, hand carried by Cecile.