BBC: In Response: America's Stories

Sharing Gino's Story on the BBC

Gino on the BBC

In March 2017, as part of an on-going series, listeners to the BBC in the United States were being invited to submit a cell phone audio recording about their immigrant experience or that of their parents or grandparents.

When I learned about this project, I thought of my own immigrant to these shores and went back to audio recordings I had made with my iPhone in 2013 as we began the preparation for the memoir.

At the time, Gino and I talked every afternoon about his life and career. After about an hour, I’d start writing. I never used the audio clips since the stories were fresh in my mind, but I never erased them.

I listened to the recordings when I decided to submit an entry to the BBC. In one part, Gino spoke about America’s meaning for him. It was perfect. I added my own thoughts, though at two minutes for the entire segment, I was confined to an overview.

I submitted the audio via email as directed. The next morning, I found a message from the London BBC producer of In Response: America’s Story.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The original version is one hour. This is a 2 minute condensed recording of Gino’s story.